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I have no hesitation to say or claim that this is the first of it's kind blog written for PostDocs by a PostDoc (I have spent many years in postdoctoral positions and also a year as young faculty (Two PostDoc Positions: one at UConn main campus (2 years), and the Second Postdoc at UConn Health Center (4 years) and a Special invited position of Associate Scientist (young faculty position at Yale Med School).  
I moved up and out of being merely a postdoc ever since I left the UConn.  However, my thoughts are with the postdoc community and their welfare is dear to me. I am mindful and my writings are aimed to be mindful to help and promote postdoc welfare world wide, this is a blog dedicated for postdocs plights. I have spent a lot of time to initiate this Blog just after our successes in creating and building a PostDoc Unionization, the very first PostDoc Union ever to happen in American Universities, we created the first one at the UConn Health Center, located at Farmington, CT.
Since then, the journey is spectacular, after my Blog was put up on the net, few other bloggers started writing on postdoc issues and several others followed. The following list includes some of those postdoc Blogs, but also includes besides postdoc blogs are those sites and blogs that are relevant to PostDocs in more than one way or other!........... Enjoy the ride!.
Preliminary list but Yet to be Updated...!!!
Postdoc Blogs:
PostDoc World/PostDoc Unions:
Lab Rat
The Naked Scientists: Team of Scientists, doctors and communicators educate public
Daily Transcript, a graduate student's [now a postdoc in Canada] fine Blog
The Science Blogs, great site for all things scientific?

An Ex-Postdoc, rants

My Science Careers: Science Magazines career pages

Postdoc, a jobs site

Higher Eds and other sites:
1. Inside Higher Ed:
2. The Chronicles of Higher Ed:
3. MedEd Mentoring
4. Postdocs as Intellectual Entrepreneurs
5. PostDoctoral Web-Survery
6. Science, Labour and Postdocs, collection of articles at Scripps!?
7. The Truth tellers it seems!? Unbossed
PostDoc Associations and University sponsored groups:
Brown University- PostDoc Association
Yale University PostDoc Association
Harvard PostDoc Association
Cornell Postdoc Association
MIT PostDocs
UC PostDocs

Popular posts from this blog

PostDocs in some labs can be so horrible?

PostDocs in research labs face pierce competition because a colleague or a graduate student is working along the same problem or area in which the laboratory chief wants to get pappers published as soon as possible, if he can't publish a paper, he is not going to get a funding or a renewal fo NIH funding. Competition is via two routes, the boss creates an atmosphere so that someone can get him/her the best results or a data that can quickly generate a paper for him and the postdoc, sometime to all the members of the lab.Though ethically wrong to put names of the member of lab or outside who did not adequately contributed to a publication, it does happen and it is quite widespread, just to please a colleague, a friend or a possible grant reviewing senior member of scientific community, scientists do put their name. It all happens in a smooth and sweet manner, not a big deal ah?. No, things go wrong and such publication conspiracy's come out in the limelight, we have seen them t…

Is the "ongoing PostDocs Crisis"a symptom of Broader problems Plaguing BioMedical Research, Are the PostDocs a Grunt work force of today's Science?

The "plight of PostDocs"has become a major crisis of the Science/biomedical research field, however, where is the crux of the problem lies?. It is the  academic structure itself is the basis for this terrible young scientists crisis. While the awareness about impending issue amongst the postdocs, academics and administrators is slowly picking up steam after almost a Decade of our UCONN Health Center Postdocs Unionization,the mainstream media and scientific media broadly ignored this topic. Seems like they are ready to write about it, I am hoping it is time they too come forward and participate, create and raise awareness about the plight of postdocs and that is actually the plight of our todays scientific research field. The following Boston globe "Metro" news piece seems like a step in that direction of mainstream participation.              Gary McDowell, 29 a Biology student reveals the cliff of PostDocs crisis, he quotes that the lab bench work and research for…

New Federal Overtime Rules and Fair treatment for PostDocs!!

Finally, despite all the odds of science funding cuts and change in politics, policies in DC, Francis S. Collins and Thomas E.Perez's huff blog post sounds petty interesting and timely, it looks like the top scientific leaders of the nation, and scientists from various organizations are working together to make "Postdoc" experience a better part of a scientists life,thereby enhancing a postdocs life. Still long way to go in this goal, but a good direction. Some of the leaders suggested explicit salary increase that would set base salary for Postdoc to be $50,000, that is the start up postdoc salary. Not a bad idea at all, the Unionization already brought up the base salary quite significantly compared to where it was 10 or 15 years ago, and making further improvement to it will go well for the entire scientific community and for the nation to make progress in Scientific and medical field.
Fair Pay for Postdocs: Why We Support New Federal Overtime Rules By Francis S. Collin…